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Discover one secret about Prague...

Everybody knows Prague as one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Dancing House, Old Town Square...

What they don't know is that Prague is also one of the best cities in the world for picking up chicks!

Lets be honest here, even if it's sad: we Czech Republic are THE Country Of Really Stunning Women And Really Beta Men. With population over 1.3 million, Prague has the potential to be dream of every seducer. You can pick up girls right on the street and be very successful.

But there is one problem.

The environment is really specific.

You can't do it Las Vegas style or British style...

You can even see British instructors get DESTROYED when they are not ready for differences in our Slavic culture.

For the best result with Czech girls, you need Czech instructor.

But when you tweak you game for Central and Eastern Europe (Prague is full of gorgeous Slovakian, Russian and Ukrainian girls too!), sky-rocket results are guaranteed!

Good news: you are on the right place here.

Bruneta na baru

You want to know more about cultural differences of Prague's beauties?

We will gradually send you 4 short and dense articles about czech women on e-mail bellow - including best locations for pick up here!

Who we are

StreetGame.cz is number one in Central European Pickup. With three core values in mind (action, innovation, spreading positive energy) we teach men, how to be better with women, usually right in the field.

Our founder Princ have 13 years of every day PUA experience. He saw it all and even coin lots of brand new game technology. While teaching men on every level, his specialties are:

  • Meditation 2.0 - in-field drills to get into budhist-like state quickly and aproach girls full of inspiration and without any fear
  • successfully opening even in the most crazy daygame setups (subway, crosswalks, shopgirls, with father...)
  • quick street makeouts through heavy but still extremely smooth kino technology
  • instant dates in beautiful Prague scenery
  • few killer outer game tricks
  • all of the logistics of the city

In his free time, Princ is interested in bodybuilding, fashion, spirituality, voice training and obviously psychology. (He has no a job except PU.) He often travels the world and speaks English fluently, he also holds the C1 English certificate and the university attestation from Academic Writing in English.

What we have for YOU

3 hours with our main coach, Princ, 1 on 1, right in the field. Pure, intensive, transformational action in the most beautiful places in Prague.

You can even choose location. Want to pickup girls on the Charles Bridge? You can! Prague Castle? You can too!

Princ is a local and he will show you everything (you can save more money on tourist traps than is a cost of whole program).

Czech StreetGame is really one of the treasures and must-sees of Prague.

Let this to be part of your amazing traveling experience! Meet Princ, hands down the best central europian PUA, and enjoy fully not just beauty of Prague buildings, but girls too!

Czech women need you!

Program must be booked in advance on this page bellow as it is not possible to pay in cash. 

After receiving payment we will send you an e-mail and ask you, when exactly you want your Prague experience to happen.You can also ask any questions on [email protected]